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Uniswap's v4-periphery repository pull requests focus on code refactoring and readability improvements, including import path updates for several modules, if statement reformatting in LimitOrder contract, replacement of safeTransferFrom with burn method, and modification of TransferHelper.sol file. The import path for IERC20Minimal has also been changed.

The pull requests in the v4-periphery repository by Uniswap primarily focus on code refactoring and improving readability.

  • Import Path Updates: The import paths for several modules including IPoolManager, PoolId, PoolIdLibrary, Hooks, FullMath, SafeCast, IERC20Minimal, Currency, CurrencyLibrary, BalanceDelta, and PoolKey have been updated. These modules are now imported from the src directory instead of the contracts directory.

  • Code Refactoring: The if statements in the mint and take methods of the LimitOrder contract have been reformatted for better readability. The code inside these if statements has been moved to a new line and enclosed in braces.

  • Method Replacement: The safeTransferFrom method call in the LimitOrder contract has been replaced with a burn method call. However, the take method is still called afterwards.

  • File Modification: The file TransferHelper.sol in the contracts/libraries directory has been modified.

  • Import Path Change for IERC20Minimal: The import path for IERC20Minimal has been changed. It was previously imported from \"@uniswap/v4-core/contracts/interfaces/external/IERC20Minimal.sol\". Now, it is imported from \"@uniswap/v4-core/src/interfaces/external/IERC20Minimal.sol\".

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