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chore: update allowlist, again

Introduces changes to the WebhookQuoter class, specifically updating the default values of the _allow_list parameter within the constructor. The update involves the removal of two existing string entries from the allow list and t...


chore: allow 1fcc7

Introduces a change to the WebhookQuoter class within the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. Specifically, it updates the default value of the _allow_list parameter in the constructor of the WebhookQuoter. The modifica...


[fix] add analyticsStreamArn to processor lambdas env vars

Introduces a change to the api-stack.ts file within the Uniswap's uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. The main point of this change is to enhance the AnalyticsStack by adding a new property named analyticsStreamArn. Thi...


[chore] AnalyticsEvent eventTime to ISO string

Introduces a single new feature to the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository without altering any existing functions. The main addition is a utility function named timestampInMstoISOString, which is designed to convert a times...


[chore] add eventId to AnalyticsEvent class

In question primarily focuses on the refactoring of the analytics event handling within the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. The changes include:

  • Import Statement Update: The import statement was updated to includ...

[feat] add WebhookQuoterResponse analytics event logging

Primarily focuses on refining the logging and error handling in the WebhookQuoter class of the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository.

  • A new import statement has been added to the WebhookQuoter.ts file to import the `ti...

chore: output intermediary S3 data as JSONL

Primarily focuses on a modification in the cw-log-firehose-processor.js file located in the lib/handlers/blueprints directory of the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. The change is specifically in the processRecords f...


chore: enable 7b8d

Primarily focuses on the modification of the WebhookQuoter.ts file in the lib/quoters directory of the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. The key change is the update to the _allow_list set within the WebhookQuoter c...


Revert "Revert "feat: add filler compliance provider""

The pull requests primarily focus on the implementation of compliance configurations in the Uniswap's uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. This is achieved through the introduction of new constants, classes, and methods that allow for the fetc...


fix: re-enable quote integ

Titled "fix: re-enable quote integ" primarily focuses on fixing the quote integration within the uniswapx-parameterization-api repository. The changes made in this pull request involve two files, with 53 additions and 26 deletions ...

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