Enhancing Our Stewardship: Towards a More Unified and Impactful Governance Approach

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The Gitcoin community is debating how to enhance the monthly steward calls to boost engagement and governance participation, with suggestions ranging from revamping the call format to exploring new communication methods. While some members see the potential for improvement and are willing to contribute expertise, concerns exist about the current format's effectiveness and the low correlation between discussion and voting participation.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the potential enhancement of the Gitcoin stewardship framework, specifically focusing on the monthly stewards call. The community is considering whether to improve the current format, explore other methods of engagement, or cancel the call altogether if more effective communication methods are identified. The aim is to foster greater engagement and participation in the governance process.

How is the community reacting?

  • Deltajuliet initiated the conversation, seeking community feedback on how to make the monthly calls more engaging or whether to consider other options1.
  • PaigeDAO expressed a desire to retain the calls, emphasizing the importance of the steward role and the value of the community. They critiqued the current format and suggested that stewards could play a more significant role in gathering insights and informing Gitcoin's direction2,4.
  • Jengajojo supported the idea of community-led topics and action-oriented discussions, suggesting that experienced governance members could help operationalize strategies5. They also offered to contribute their leadership experience to turn ideas into actionable outcomes7.
  • Skyfoxx questioned the effectiveness of seeking increased involvement and pointed out the discrepancy between the number of people discussing and voting, suggesting that meaningful participation could be improved at the reading and voting stages8.

Why this is positive?

  • The community is actively engaged in reevaluating and potentially improving the governance process.
  • There is a willingness to explore new formats and methods to increase participation and effectiveness.
  • Experienced community members are ready to contribute their expertise to enhance governance strategies.

Why this is negative?

  • There is a concern that the current format of the calls may not be optimally serving the stewards or the teams.
  • The discrepancy between discussers and voters indicates a potential issue with the current engagement levels in the governance process.

Next actions

  • Deltajuliet has invited Jengajojo to join a discussion to strategize on community-driven topics before the next steward governance design call6.
  • Community members are encouraged to continue providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve the monthly steward calls.

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