Get Stuff Done (GSD) S20-21 Budget Request

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The Gitcoin community is evaluating a $396,710.94 budget proposal for a new Business Development group called Get Stuff Done (GSD) aimed at driving product adoption and fostering strategic partnerships, with strong community support despite concerns about Gitcoin's revenue model and team alignment. The proposal is set to go to a vote, with a corrected version already submitted, and the Gitcoin WalletGuard has confirmed the proposal's code integrity.

What is this about?

The discussion is centered on the budget request for the Get Stuff Done (GSD) S20-21, which is a proposed new Business Development (BD) group within Gitcoin. The GSD's mission is to drive product adoption, manage sales processes, and foster strategic alliances. The team structure includes a General Manager, Co-Leads, an SDR, an Engagement Manager, a Funds Manager, and an EA. The budget request amounts to $396,710.94 for S20/21, intended to cover costs for contributors, travel, discretionary, operating expenses, and software/tooling. Additionally, the proposal suggests the creation of a new multisig for the GSD workstream and the use of reserves from the PGF Multisig.

How is the community reacting?

The community's response is predominantly positive, with many members voicing their support for the budget and expressing confidence in the team's leadership, indicating a readiness to vote in favor of the proposal. However, there are reservations, such as those from Ccerv110, regarding the absence of a proven revenue model for Gitcoin and the potential for misalignment between the new BD team and other teams within Gitcoin.

Why this is positive?

  • The GSD workstream is designed to enhance strategic partnerships and sales processes.
  • The proposal has well-defined objectives aimed at increasing the adoption of Gitcoin products and the funding of public goods.
  • There is considerable community support and trust in the team's capability to fulfill the proposed goals.

Why this is negative?

  • There are concerns about the sustainability of Gitcoin due to the current lack of a proven revenue model.
  • The possibility of the BD team's activities not aligning with the broader objectives of other Gitcoin teams poses a risk.

Next actions

  • The proposal has satisfied the minimum requirements to move forward to a vote and is available on Snapshot12.
  • A revised version of the budget has been submitted for voting to address an error in the initial proposal. The community has been requested to express any objections to the renaming of the incorrect proposal within a 48-hour timeframe13.
  • Robioreefeco, from the Gitcoin WalletGuard, has verified that the code of a proposal aligns with its intended purpose14 and has shared a link for those interested in joining the Gitcoin WalletGuard.

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