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Update api-promote-prod.yml

Titled "Update api-promote-prod.yml" is focused on enhancing the deployment process to production by ensuring that a SECRET_KEY environment variable is set during the unit testing phase. This change is crucial for maintaining the...


feat(interface): remove FIFO option when creating a score

Introduces changes to the NewScorer.tsx component within the passport-scorer repository. The main outcome of these changes is the simplification of the deduplication strategy used in the application. Specifically, the `Deduplicat...


feat(api): remove dedup feature flag

Focuses on refactoring and simplifying the codebase of the passport-scorer repository by removing outdated deduplication methods and associated feature flags. The main outcome is the streamlining of the deduplication process within...


fix(api): don't run load_secrets in tests

Introduces a conditional check in the api/aws_lambdas/utils.py file, specifically within the load_secrets function. The modification ensures that the load_secrets function is only invoked if the SCORER_SERVER_SSM_ARN environm...


1941 lambda load ssm

Introduces a new environment variable SCORER_SERVER_SSM_ARN to the lambdaSettings configuration within the passport-scorer repository. This variable is intended to be set dynamically and is defined using a constant that shares ...


infra: downsizing of ECS tasks in prod

Introduces enhancements to the ECS Service Configuration for the passport-scorer repository. It involves scaling up the resources for two services: scorerServiceDefault and scorerServiceRegistry.

For the `scorerServiceDefaul...


chore(api): new coinbase stamp

Introduces an update to the verification weight within the passport-scorer repository. Specifically, it modifies the weight associated with Coinbase verification by renaming the verification type from Coinbase to `CoinbaseDualVer...


chore(api): updates API Playground Terminology and Descriptions

Encompasses a series of updates to the API documentation, title, description, and router tags for the passport-scorer repository. The main outcome of these updates is to provide clearer, more informative, and up-to-date information...


fix(docs): typos

For the passport-scorer repository includes updates to the README.md file. The changes made are as follows:

  • A spacing issue in the section that describes the necessity of having a web3 wallet in conjunction with a Gitcoin Pa...

feat(infra): downsizes ecs resources

Primarily focuses on the restructuring and optimization of the passport-scorer repository. It includes the addition of tags to various AWS resources, removal of certain services, and the creation of new services and resources.


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