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I highly recommend wizard web recovery to you/ for btc recovery

@donaldagnes0 recovered lost Bitcoin using Wizard Web Recovery, praising its professionalism and effectiveness, and the community may view this service positively for similar issues. The service is no...

Innovative Ethereum-based Ecosystem: Sharing Vision with Technologist

@KoichiNishizuka proposes a three-phase Ethereum-based ecosystem integrating AGI, facial recognition, and voice command programming, aiming to simplify secure access to digital assets and programming ...

Extending address from 20 bytes to 32 won't work because of FunctionType requiring 4 bytes extra

Ethereum is considering extending addresses from 20 to 32 bytes to support state expiry, sharding, and improve security, but faces technical challenges like the EVM's 32-byte stack limit and the need ...

How can i recover my stolen bitcoin from an investment scam?

@ceecee22 is considering hiring a hacker or a recovery company like Omega Crypto Recovery Specialist to retrieve cryptocurrencies lost to an investment scam, highlighting the skilled professionals ava...

Dencun Hardfork Meta

The Dencun Hardfork Meta is a proposed update to the Ethereum blockchain, discussed in pull request (#8006) on the Ethereum EIPs GitHub repository, but the community's reaction and the potential impac...

Hardfork Meta Backfill

The Ethereum community is discussing the Hardfork Meta Backfill, with opinions on whether documenting each network upgrade as a separate EIP is beneficial, amidst concerns about redundancy and the pot...

EIP-665: Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verification

EIP-665 proposes adding Ed25519 signature verification to the EVM to improve interoperability between Ethereum and external systems using these signatures, potentially enabling new applications. The c...

Introducing Exclave, scaling L1 with ZK coprocessor

Exclave is an off-chain scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to improve scalability and reduce costs for dApps, especially Fully On-chain Gaming, by using zkEVM and Zero-knowledge Fraud Proofs with...

Fayed the great hacker help me to recover my stolen crypto currency

Fayed Hacker Recovery provides a specialized service for retrieving lost or stolen cryptocurrency by analyzing blockchain data and tracking transactions, offering a secure and innovative recovery solu...

How do i recover bitcoin from a scammer with gearhead engineers

GearHead Engineers Organisation is introduced as a company offering services to help Bitcoin users recover lost or stolen funds, addressing a significant challenge in the cryptocurrency space. The com...

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