Proposal: BanklessDAO's Global Education and Onboarding Campaign for Arbitrum

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BanklessDAO has proposed a year-long campaign to onboard users to the Arbitrum ecosystem, sparking community debate over its budget, success metrics, and payment structure. While some see the educational potential and BanklessDAO's track record as positive, concerns about budget clarity, campaign evaluation, and the accuracy of targeted personas have halted the proposal, leading to calls for clearer frameworks and further discussion.

What is this about?

BanklessDAO has proposed a 12-month global onboarding and education campaign for the Arbitrum ecosystem, requesting funding of 1,818,630 ARB. The campaign aims to attract, engage, and onboard users into the crypto space, focusing on three user personas: Tech-Savvy Tim, Crypto-Curious Carrie, and Gamer Gary. It includes multilingual social media, technical content, newsletters, community events, and educational courses. The campaign's design is based on the success of a previous campaign for Optimism.

How is the community reacting?

  • Englandzz2 suggested a trial period to evaluate the campaign's impact before committing to a full year.
  • Jengajojo3 is open to a quarterly payment scheme with options for Arbitrum DAO to stop payments if metrics are not met.
  • Sebix4 mentioned that the Atoma team is starting with a trial phase.
  • Axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth5,7 and Jengajojo6 discussed the need for a framework to evaluate service providers.
  • Thedevanshmehta9 opposed the proposal, suggesting alternative funding methods.
  • Dk310 proposed pivoting to a recruitment pipeline model.
  • GFXlabs11 requested a more detailed budget breakdown.
  • Idecentralized13 opposed the proposal, suggesting a smaller scope and shorter timeline.
  • CryptoReuMD14 disagreed with a short trial period, favoring a longer timeline for DAO organization.
  • Homie15 suggested using an escrow account for the requested funds.
  • Yabirgb16 raised concerns about the proposal's clarity and evaluation of success metrics.
  • Sebix17 offered to help create a framework for service providers.
  • Amit and Medocons18,19 suggested the proposal would be challenging and proposed alternative ideas.
  • Jengajojo20 acknowledged the need for clarity and mentioned working on a procurement framework.
  • Idecentralized21 suggested that a smaller budget could be sufficient with an experienced marketing project manager.
  • SmolPhil22 critiques the proposed personas and advises against using the term "earning" in the context of gaming on the blockchain. He recommends educating gamers about the benefits of web3 and decentralized gaming and suggests adaptable strategies with specific KPIs.
  • CasperBGD23 agrees with the importance of comparing Arbitrum's metrics to other Layer 2 solutions to assess the success of marketing campaigns.

Why this is positive?

  • The campaign could promote financial sovereignty and educate people about crypto, dApps, and DAOs through experiential learning.
  • BanklessDAO has a successful track record in helping individuals transition into full-time crypto roles.
  • The proposal includes a detailed plan with content milestones and multilingual deployment, aiming to cater to diverse community personas.

Why this is negative?

  • Concerns exist about the clarity of the budget and the evaluation of success metrics.
  • Some community members question the comparison with other DAOs and the involvement of Bankless DAO in funding.
  • There are suggestions that the proposal may skip necessary steps and could lead to an influx of similar proposals without proper vetting.
  • The high costs associated with certain deliverables, such as multilingual content and onboarding via guilds, have been questioned.
  • The proposed personas for marketing may not accurately reflect the needs of the targeted groups, and the term "earning" in gaming could set unrealistic expectations.

Next actions

  • The proposal will not proceed in its current format due to the need for clarity on brand usage with BanklessHQ.
  • A procurement framework for service providers in education and onboarding is being worked on.
  • Community calls and feedback sessions are planned as next steps.
  • Specific metrics for each persona are proposed for measuring success, including comparing transactions on Arbitrum to other Layer 2 solutions.

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