Clarification on ~1.275B Circulating Supply Number (Onchain Shows Far More Circulating Supply)

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The circulating supply of ARB cryptocurrency, reported to be around 1.275 billion, is under scrutiny due to a discrepancy identified by Rus_Anajo, who found that the top 100 holders alone possess around 3.8 billion ARB. This has sparked community engagement and concern, as it could potentially impact the trust in the Foundation and the perceived value of ARB if the circulating supply is indeed higher than reported.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the circulating supply of ARB, a cryptocurrency. The circulating supply, as per various sources, is approximately 1.275 billion. This figure is said to be made up of 1.162 billion airdropped to users and 113 million in grants to DAOs building apps on Arbitrum. However, Rus_Anajo has raised a question about a discrepancy in these figures when examining the holders of ARB on Arbiscan. The top 100 holders alone, excluding all contract addresses including multisigs, hold around 3.8 billion ARB, which is significantly higher than the reported circulating supply. Rus_Anajo has asked for clarification on whether the circulating supply is inaccurate or if many of these addresses are controlled by the Foundation, and if so, why they were placed in various addresses instead of a vesting contract or a Multisig1.

How is the community reacting?

The community is currently awaiting a response to Rus_Anajo's query. The discrepancy in the circulating supply of ARB has raised questions and concerns among the community members, who are seeking clarity on the issue.

Why this is positive?

The positive aspect of this discussion is the active involvement of community members like Rus_Anajo in scrutinizing and questioning the circulating supply of ARB. This shows a high level of engagement and interest in the workings of the cryptocurrency, which is crucial for its growth and development.

Why this is negative?

The negative aspect of this discussion is the potential inaccuracy in the reported circulating supply of ARB. If the circulating supply is indeed higher than reported, it could lead to a lack of trust in the information provided by the Foundation. This could potentially impact the reputation of the Foundation and the perceived value of ARB.

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