#8 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (22.11.2023)

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The #8 Arbitrum Open Governance Call focused on community engagement, with discussions on gaming STIP, Devconnect insights, and proposals like ThankARB and BanklessDAO's campaign, while addressing the need for structured discussion time limits. The community's active participation and suggestions for governance are positive, but there are concerns about adequate addressal of issues and the potential negative impact of time limits on in-depth discussions.

What is this about?

The #8 Arbitrum Open Governance Call, which took place on November 22, 2023, was a significant event for community engagement and transparency. The call, hosted on Google Meet, was recorded and made available to the public, along with a chat log and an auto-generated transcript provided by Sinkas15. The agenda included discussions on gaming STIP by Soby, insights from Devconnect & Arbitrum Days, and a presentation on ThankARB by DisruptionJoe. SavvyDAO addressed STIP Backfunding, and despite the deletion of a related post by Cocafish11, there was interest in discussing this proposal. The agenda also featured Jengajojo's proposal for the BanklessDAO's Global Education and Onboarding Campaign for Arbitrum7, and Tnorm's suggestion for a preliminary discussion on a deep dive scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday8. Sinkas contributed a new agenda item9, and Jengajojo recommended time limits for discussions to ensure equitable participation10. The next Open Governance Call is scheduled for December 20.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown active participation and enthusiasm for the Open Governance Call. Members like Flook, Cocafish, and Jengajojo have been proactive in engaging with the agenda and proposing discussions. The clarification of the meeting time by Bob-Rossi12 and the acknowledgment of a mistake regarding time differences by Sinkas13 reflect the community's commitment to inclusivity and participation. Bob-Rossi also expressed a dislike for clock changes but appreciated the chance to correct the time14.

Why this is positive?

  • The recording and availability of resources for the Open Governance Call ensure transparency and allow those who missed the live event to catch up.
  • The community's proactive approach to governance is evident in the inclusion of topics suggested by members.
  • The structured approach to discussions, including time limits proposed by Jengajojo10, aims to manage the call effectively and equitably.
  • The clarification of meeting times by community members helps ensure broad participation.

Why this is negative?

  • There is a risk of community dissatisfaction if their suggestions and concerns are not adequately addressed during the calls.
  • Time limits on discussions could potentially prevent thorough exploration of important topics.
  • The deletion of Cocafish's post11 may have left a gap in the context for the STIP Backfunding proposal discussion.

Next actions

The next Open Governance Call is scheduled for December 20. Community members are encouraged to prepare for the call by reviewing the provided resources and formulating any questions or topics they wish to discuss.

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