WINR Protocol Bi-Weekly Update 17.11.2023

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The WINR Protocol has completed its latest ARB disbursement, distributing 38,450 ARB as incentives across WLP, JustBet Lottery, and DegensBet Trading. With an average daily TVL of $3,357,226 and 2,404 unique user addresses, the protocol plans to distribute the remaining 461,400 ARB on 20.11.2023 as per the STIP plan.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the recent updates from the WINR Protocol. The protocol has just completed its last disbursement of ARB, with 38,450 ARB used as incentives. These incentives were divided among WLP (40%), JustBet Lottery (30%), and DegensBet Trading (30%). The protocol still has 461,400 ARB left, which is scheduled for distribution on 20.11.2023 as per the STIP plan. The average daily Total Value Locked (TVL) was reported to be $3,357,226, with an average of 1.335 daily transactions. The number of unique user addresses was 2,404. For the upcoming two weeks, 76,900 ARB will be distributed through various mechanisms including weekly liquidity provider rewards, JustBet lottery rewards, and DegensBet contest rewards.

How is the community reacting?

The summaries do not provide information on the community's reaction to these updates.

Why this is positive?

The distribution of ARB as incentives and the planned future distributions demonstrate the protocol's commitment to rewarding its users. The average daily TVL and the number of unique user addresses indicate a healthy level of activity and engagement within the protocol.

Why this is negative?

The summaries do not provide any information that could be interpreted as negative in relation to these updates.

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