Welcome to the Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1⛄

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The Arbitrum Citizens Round, part of AIP-3 Milestone 1, aims to distribute 100k $ARB via Quadratic Funding to unpaid contributors who have significantly impacted the Arbitrum DAO. Despite some restrictions on eligibility, the initiative is largely seen as positive, fostering community participation, promoting transparency, and providing an opportunity to showcase contributor work.

What is this about?

The discussion continues to revolve around the Arbitrum Citizens Round, an initiative announced by ZER8 as part of AIP-3 Milestone 1. The aim of this round is to distribute 100k $ARB to contributors who have significantly impacted the Arbitrum DAO without receiving any rewards1. The distribution of these funds will be done via Quadratic Funding (QF), a method that allows the community to decide how the funds will be allocated. The more votes a contributor gets, the more matching funds they will receive, up to a maximum of 5% per individual1.

How is the community reacting?

The community is actively participating in the grant program, which is open to individuals who have not been compensated for their work and are not employed or contracted by the Arbitrum DAO or other entities. The application process involves creating a grant application on Gitcoin Builder, applying through a provided link, and promoting the grant application within the community and the Arbitrum ecosystem1. Shawn16400 has also expressed excitement about an upcoming race involving highly engaged community members2. Feems has highlighted the opportunity to showcase contributor work in the DAO3, indicating a positive response to the initiative.

Why this is positive?

The Arbitrum Citizens Round is a positive initiative as it recognizes and rewards the efforts of contributors who have significantly impacted the Arbitrum DAO. It encourages community participation and fosters a sense of ownership among the contributors. The use of Quadratic Funding ensures a fair distribution of funds based on community votes, promoting transparency and inclusivity1. The opportunity to showcase contributor work in the DAO, as highlighted by Feems, adds to the positive aspects of this initiative3.

Why this is negative?

Despite the positive aspects, there are certain restrictions on who can apply for the grant. Contributions such as commenting on proposals without influencing the results, tweeting about Arbitrum with low impact, and contributing to the DAO while being paid for the efforts by the DAO or a third party are considered ineligible1. This might discourage some community members from participating in the initiative.

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