RADIANT STIP Program Updates

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RadiantDAO is updating its STIP Program to bolster the Arbitrum ecosystem and liquidity, with initiatives like ARB incentives and "Starb Wars Episode 2: The Camelorian" for liquidity providers, while the community actively shapes the program's direction. Despite some concerns over complexity and potential confusion, the program's transparency, strategic initiatives, and adjustments are generally seen as positive, with next actions focused on milestone-dependent ARB distribution and specific contracts for incentivization.

What is this about?

The discussion is centered on the updates to the RADIANT STIP Program, which is part of RadiantDAO's efforts to expand the Arbitrum ecosystem and secure long-term liquidity. The program includes various initiatives such as ARB incentives for liquidity providers, strategic ecosystem initiatives, and airdrop campaigns. RadiantDAO has launched "Starb Wars Episode 2: The Camelorian" to reward liquidity providers on CamelotDEX's RDNT/ETH v3 pools. Adjustments have been made to the distribution plan for these incentives, which now includes new lenders, dynamic liquidity providers, and various airdrops. The program aims to attract and retain TVL and users, especially post-STIP incentives, despite facing competition.

How is the community reacting?

The community is actively participating in the discussion and influencing changes to the program. For example, Shogun has created a Dune query to track TVL and milestones for Camelot's RDNT/ETH pool. The community's feedback led to the removal of a 2x multiplier for whitespace users in the Dynamic liquidity provider airdrop campaign. Additionally, RadiantDAO has simplified their milestone-based proposal to make terms more straightforward, which is expected to benefit both the Arbitrum and Radiant ecosystems.

Why this is positive?

  • Community engagement in decision-making shows a strong and active community.
  • Initiatives like ARB incentives and "Starb Wars Episode 2: The Camelorian" are expected to drive community growth.
  • Transparency and adaptability in incentive distribution plans are seen as positive.
  • Strategic ecosystem initiatives alongside the STIP airdrop aim to expand the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Adjustments to utilization curves have led to positive results, including increased TVL and market size.
  • Unused ARB will be returned to the Arbitrum DAO, ensuring responsible use of resources.
  • The simplification of the milestone-based proposal is expected to lead to better outcomes.

Why this is negative?

  • The complexity of incentive distribution mechanisms may confuse some community members.
  • The removal of the 2x multiplier for whitespace users could be viewed negatively by those it aimed to attract.
  • Uncertainty around milestones and the start of Epoch 2 may create confusion within the community.
  • Despite the increase in TVL, there's been some attrition due to high borrowing interest rates.

Next actions

  • The anticipated ARB distribution is milestone dependent, with an expected 35,273 ARB to be distributed.
  • Contracts to be incentivized include Camelot’s RDNT/ETH Nitro incentives and Merkl distributor for Camelot’s RDNT/ETH market maker incentives, among others.
  • Distribution mechanisms include Camelot Nitro, Angle’s Merkl, and Aura Finance distribution injector gauge.
  • The PlutusDAO plsRDNT Incentives are expected to launch in December, aiming to reach $480,000 TVL.
  • Metrics and statistics can be viewed on the provided dashboard link.

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