MUX STIP Program Updates

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Realdumbird announced a 6M ARB grant to MUX and the start of the STIP Trading Fee Rebate campaign, aimed at reducing trading fees and boosting yield for MUX native pools on Arbitrum. The MUX Rebate Program will return trading fees to traders as $ARB tokens, with the allocation ratio adjustable based on performance, and the potential negative aspect being the uncertainty of the rebate rate due to varying spending speed.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the announcement made by Realdumbird about the grant of 6M ARB to MUX and the initiation of the STIP Trading Fee Rebate campaign on Nov. 16th UTC1. The grant is intended to reduce trading fees and increase yield for the MUX native pools on Arbitrum. The allocation ratio can be adjusted based on performance. The MUX Rebate Program will rebate trading fees to traders in the form of $ARB tokens. The fees from MUX, GMX V1, GMX V2, and Gains positions on Arbitrum will be charged upfront and then tracked weekly. The rebates will be distributed every Thursday based on the fees spent during the week and the real-time ARB token price1.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction is not explicitly mentioned in the summaries. However, the increase in MUX native pool TVL by around $5M on Arbitrum after the first day of the trading incentives suggests a positive response1.

Why this is positive?

The MUX STIP trading fee rebate program is a positive development as it prioritizes trading incentives due to the reduced grant size, the recent spike in trading demand, and the long-term benefits for traders and LPs on all aggregated protocols. These incentives will lower the fee barrier for more traders to join the Arbitrum ecosystem and generate more income for all aggregated protocol pools and their integrators1.

Why this is negative?

There are no explicit negative aspects mentioned in the summaries. However, it is worth noting that the amount of ARB to be distributed in the next two weeks is not exact, and based on the first-day performance, the spending rate can potentially be around 200,000 ARB per day. MUX will adjust the trading fee rebate rate based on spending speed, and the rate can potentially be lowered so the campaign can last 2-3 months1. This uncertainty could potentially be seen as a negative aspect.

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