OpenBlock Labs STIP Data Update

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OpenBlock Labs is making significant strides in the STIP initiative, having established connections with all 30 projects, developed insights on incentive effectiveness, and built dashboards for 14 protocols with 16 more in progress. However, they urge the community to expedite their data provision for dashboard development and enhance cooperation for improved transparency and efficiency.

What is this about?

The discussion continues to focus on the work of OpenBlock Labs and their contributions to the STIP initiative. They have been successful in establishing connections with all 30 projects involved in the initiative and have made significant progress in developing insights about the effectiveness of incentives and aiding these projects in meeting their data reporting requirements1. They have built dashboards for 14 protocols and are actively developing dashboards for 16 other protocols1.

How is the community reacting?

The community is urged to speed up their cooperation in providing the necessary data for the development of these dashboards1. OpenBlock Labs is also monitoring the fund disbursements from the vesting contract to different protocols and has shared a form for protocols to categorize their addresses to ensure enhanced transparency and accuracy in tracking1. Epowell101 has shown interest in understanding the data more deeply and asked how a data scientist could manipulate the data themselves2. Dk3 responded to Epowell101's query about an event that occurred with GMX on October 1/2, suggesting it might be related to Odyssey Galaxe Quest due to a similar surge observed3. They also appreciated the public dashboard for monitoring progress and mentioned the flow of Arbitrum3.

Why this is positive?

OpenBlock Labs' work is contributing to the transparency and efficiency of the STIP initiative. By building dashboards and monitoring a comprehensive set of metrics for each protocol, they are providing valuable insights and data intelligence1. This is expected to streamline the process and improve the effectiveness of the initiative1. The community's active involvement and interest in understanding the data, as shown by Epowell101, is also a positive sign2.

Why this is negative?

While not necessarily negative, there is a call to action for the community. OpenBlock Labs is requesting that protocols promptly complete their data reporting requirements to help streamline the process1. They are also seeking feedback on their current progress and encourage greater involvement from protocols to review their dashboards and supply more data1. This implies that there may be some delays or challenges in data collection and cooperation from the community.

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