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The conversation about Sajan's multi-chain bridge project, aiming to connect Arbitrum chain with over 30 others, is progressing with Ilia_S from showing interest. Despite the potential for increased blockchain interoperability, the complexity of the task and lack of community support pose challenges.

What is this about?

The discussion continues to focus on Sajan's pursuit of finding the right contact to assist with a multi-chain bridge. This bridge aims to link the Arbitrum chain with over 30 other chains, as initially mentioned in post1. The conversation has now evolved with Ilia_S, a representative from, inviting IlyaRubic for a more in-depth discussion via direct message2.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction remains largely unexpressed in the summaries provided. However, the technical nature of the topic likely continues to pique the interest of those with a background in computer programming and blockchain technology. The involvement of Ilia_S from suggests that the topic is gaining traction among industry professionals.

Why this is positive?

The ongoing discussion about the multi-chain bridge continues to highlight the potential for increased connectivity and interoperability among different blockchain networks. The involvement of Ilia_S from in the conversation is a positive development, indicating that industry professionals are taking an interest in Sajan's project. This could potentially lead to more resources and support for the implementation of the multi-chain bridge.

Why this is negative?

The challenges associated with implementing a multi-chain bridge remain a concern. The complexity of the task requires a deep understanding of various blockchain architectures and the ability to ensure secure and reliable transactions across these networks. Despite the involvement of Ilia_S, the lack of readily available contact information for assistance continues to highlight a potential gap in community support or resources for such advanced projects.

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