Arbitrum DAO Sessions at Devconnect

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The "Arbitrum DAO Sessions" is an upcoming informal event at Devconnect for the Arbitrum community to discuss governance, pitch ideas, and collaborate, with a virtual component featuring ecosystem talks. Community members are excited, proposing workshops and strategic discussions, while the RARI Foundation plans to share insights, all contributing to the DAO's development and engagement.

What is this about?

The "Arbitrum DAO Sessions" is an in-person event scheduled for Thursday, 16th November at Devconnect. It is designed as an informal gathering for the Arbitrum DAO and community members to engage in a governance meeting, pitch ideas, and participate in sessions or panels. Additionally, there is a virtual Arbitrum Day planned, featuring talks from the ecosystem that may be streamed at the event venue.

How is the community reacting?

Community members, including Stonecoldpat1, Griff3, K_API35, and 0xJaeThorn7, have expressed excitement and gratitude for the organization of the event. There is a clear enthusiasm for the meet-up and the opportunities it presents for collaboration and discussion.

DisruptionJoe6 has proposed a "ThankARB Reputation Workshop" to contribute to the reputation system of the ThankARB program, focusing on identifying valuable actions within the DAO and avoiding the pitfalls of Goodhart's Law.

Sam.ng8 has suggested that the event could be used to discuss key objectives for the DAO in 2024, such as power distribution, "High Alert Mode," sequencer decentralization, and exploring new use cases with the launch of the Orbit mainnet.

Janabe10 from the RARI Foundation is interested in attending to share their experiences with DAO funding and to provide updates on the integration of the Rarible Protocol.

Why this is positive?

  • The event fosters community engagement and direct participation in governance.
  • It provides a platform for pitching new ideas and discussing strategic objectives for the DAO.
  • The proposed workshop and discussions could lead to improvements in the DAO's reputation system and operational strategies.
  • The participation of organizations like the RARI Foundation can offer valuable insights and foster collaboration.

Why this is negative?

We have not been able to determine whether this will be negative.

Next actions

There are no specific next actions mentioned, but community members are encouraged to attend the event and participate in the discussions and workshops planned.

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