Better Alerts On Votes Beginning

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The community is discussing ways to improve participation in voting processes, with proposals including a pinned thread for ongoing votes and using Telegram and Arbitrum Delegate Announcements for updates. The suggestions are generally well-received, demonstrating a proactive approach to enhance engagement, though any changes will need monitoring to prevent potential spam or off-topic discussions.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the idea of improving community participation in voting processes. GFXlabs initially proposed the creation of a pinned thread to list ongoing votes, with the aim of preventing members from missing when a vote goes to Snapshot or Tally1. The idea was to delete each vote's notification upon closure to avoid spam comments or unnecessary debates.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction was generally positive, with Stonecoldpat suggesting an alternative solution. They proposed the use of Telegram and Arbitrum Delegate Announcements to keep delegates updated about new votes2. This suggestion was well received, with GFXlabs agreeing that there might not be a need for a dedicated notifications thread after all3.

Why this is positive?

The discussion is positive as it shows the community's proactive approach towards improving participation in voting processes. The suggestions made by both GFXlabs and Stonecoldpat demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the community's engagement and ensuring that all members are kept informed about ongoing votes.

Why this is negative?

There doesn't seem to be any negative aspect to this discussion. The community is actively seeking solutions to improve the voting process and increase participation. However, it's worth noting that any changes implemented will need to be monitored to ensure they are effective and do not inadvertently lead to an increase in spam or off-topic discussions.

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