ThankARB: A Strategy, Framework, & Platform for Arbitrum’s Success

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The ThankARB strategy, introduced by DisruptionJoe for the Arbitrum ecosystem, is a community-driven framework designed to guide grant design, improve coordination, and provide direction for voting delegates and future grantees. The strategy, which has been positively received by the community, focuses on decentralization and empowering DAOs, but it's noted that potential future conflicts could arise as it's not the only strategy adopted by the DAO.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the introduction of the ThankARB strategy by DisruptionJoe, a strategic framework for the Arbitrum ecosystem1. The strategy, developed through a participatory design process involving all 600,000 token holders, aims to guide the design of the grant framework by Plurality Labs, assist in coordination among interested parties, and offer direction for voting delegates and future grantees1. The strategy is composed of three parts: a Strategic Diagnosis, a 4C Strategy Policy, and Strategic Actions, with a focus on decentralization and the role of DAOs1. The ThankARB platform, backed by ThriveCoin technology, will be used to provide incentives and validations to empower the Arbitrum community1.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response to the initiative. OmnistratMatt commended the initiative, comparing it to Pet3rPan's Objective-based Resource Allocation (OBRA) proposal, and suggested a potential coordination method from his experience in the DAO space2.

Why this is positive?

The ThankARB strategy is a positive development as it aims to bring coherence to the community, enabling better coordination and driving competency where it's most needed1. It also seeks to empower the DAO to make data-driven decisions using an open data infrastructure1. The strategy recognizes the community as Arbitrum's greatest asset and invites others to opt into a framework that provides coherence, coordination, and competency to a community-driven ecosystem1.

Why this is negative?

There doesn't appear to be any negative aspects to the ThankARB strategy as per the discussion. However, it's worth noting that the strategy will not be the only one adopted by the DAO, enforced as a rule similar to the constitution, or exclusively available to Plurality Labs granted programs1. This could potentially lead to conflicts or disagreements in the future if not managed properly.

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