STIP Winning Proposals - Next Steps

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The Arbitrum Foundation has announced the winners of the Short Term Incentive Program (STIP) and outlined the next steps, including KYC/KYB checks and signing of Grant Agreements. The process is seen as positive due to its transparency and efficiency, with the Foundation providing clear instructions for compliance and encouraging open communication.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the Short Term Incentive Program (STIP) run by the Arbitrum Foundation. The winning proposals have been announced and Arbitrum has outlined the next steps for the recipients. The Arbitrum Foundation is responsible for conducting all Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) checks on the eligible teams. The Foundation will also arrange for the Grant Agreements to be signed before the ARB disbursement.

How is the community reacting?

The community is actively participating in the process. The Foundation will contact all winning proposals using the information provided in their proposals. However, if the teams haven't heard from the Foundation, they are encouraged to initiate the KYC/KYB process by emailing and tweeting about their project's qualification for the STIP.

Why this is positive?

This process is a positive step as it ensures transparency and fairness. The Foundation has provided clear instructions on how to proceed, including a specific email template for initiating the compliance process. This allows for a smooth and efficient process, ensuring that all winning teams are properly vetted and receive their grants in a timely manner.

Why this is negative?

There are no apparent negatives in this process. However, it is important for the teams to follow the instructions carefully and maintain open communication with the Foundation. For any doubts or issues, teams can contact Stonecoldpat or Cliffton.eth on the forum.

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