Arbitrum Treasury and Sustainability - Working Group

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The Arbitrum Treasury and Sustainability - Working Group, funded by Plurality Labs and led by Thedevanshmehta and Sids2000, aims to manage the DAO's treasury by diversifying assets, mitigating ARB token price impacts, and transforming grants into investments, with the community showing strong support and involvement. The group operates independently, plans to provide bi-weekly updates, and collaborates with service providers who have received grants to research effective treasury management strategies.

What is this about?

The Arbitrum Treasury and Sustainability - Working Group is a community-led initiative focused on managing and diversifying the Arbitrum DAO treasury, which holds a substantial amount of ARB tokens. The group's objectives include mitigating the price impacts from ARB distribution, diversifying treasury assets, effectively utilizing sequencer fees, and transforming grants into investments. The working group, funded by Plurality Labs and spearheaded by Thedevanshmehta and Sids2000, is tasked with researching best practices, engaging with service providers, and making recommendations on financial tools and practices. Their independence is emphasized, with Plurality Labs providing initial funding but not influencing the group's direction.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response, with members and organizations offering support and expressing interest in the initiative. Contributions from various community members include:

  • ZER82 expressing anticipation for strategies to mitigate price impacts and increase locked native tokens.
  • Elisafly3 from Avantgarde Treasury offering research assistance and suggesting a Chainlink price feed for ARB.
  • Karpatkey5 seeking a grant to explore treasury management strategies and committing to delivering detailed reports.
  • Limes6 endorsing Karpatkey for their quality and consistency.
  • Aera8 presenting their autonomous, data-driven treasury management protocol and requesting a grant for research.
  • Khan12 suggesting a research initiative by the Centrifuge team on diversifying treasury holdings with real-world assets.
  • Paige3d from FrontierDAO joining the ARB Metagovernance Research round for GG19, aiming to contribute to the community and working group13, and acknowledging the efforts of Thedevanshmehta and [Sids2000.


###) Why this is positive?

  • The working group's proactive approach is aimed at ensuring the financial sustainability of the Arbitrum DAO.
  • Collaboration with knowledgeable service providers and community members is expected to yield informed and effective treasury management strategies.
  • The initiative fosters transparency and encourages community participation in financial decision-making.
  • Developing best practices for liquidating ARB is intended to minimize market disruptions.

Why this is negative?

We have not been able to determine whether this will be negative.

Next actions

  • The working group will maintain bi-weekly updates and continue hosting weekly office hours on Twitter.
  • Service providers such as Karpatkey, Elisafly, and Aera have received grants to perform research and are expected to present their findings.
  • The community is encouraged to remain active in discussions and participate in voting on proposals and outcomes presented by the working group.

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