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User Androssi sought advice on staking Arbitrum tokens and snapshot voting, sparking active community engagement and knowledge sharing, demonstrating a strong sense of community. However, the difficulties faced by Androssi suggest that the process may not be user-friendly, potentially discouraging new or less technically knowledgeable users.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around a user, Androssi, who is seeking advice on how to stake their Arbitrum tokens. They have already delegated their tokens but are facing difficulties in participating in snapshot voting.

How is the community reacting?

The community is actively engaged in providing solutions and advice to Androssi's issue. Many members are sharing their experiences and knowledge about staking Arbitrum tokens and snapshot voting.

Why this is positive?

The positive aspect of this discussion is the active participation and willingness of the community members to help each other. This shows a strong sense of community and shared learning, which is beneficial for all members, especially those who are new or facing similar issues.

Why this is negative?

On the negative side, the issue raised by Androssi indicates that the process of staking Arbitrum tokens and participating in snapshot voting might not be straightforward or user-friendly. This could potentially discourage new users or those with less technical knowledge from participating in staking and voting.

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