Short Term Incentive Program spreadsheet of submissions

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The community has positively received Jerame20's initiative of creating a Google Sheets link that tracks and organizes submissions related to the Arbitrum STIP, promoting transparency and efficiency. No negative aspects have been associated with this development.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the Arbitrum STIP, a topic of interest within the community. Jerame20 has taken the initiative to create a Google Sheets link that tracks submissions related to this topic. The sheet is comprehensive, detailing the submission date/time, protocol name, amount requested, type of incentive, matching, link, and even the quality of associated memes.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response to this initiative. Specifically, Sinkas has expressed that they found this resource to be very useful. This indicates that the community appreciates efforts to organize and streamline information related to the Arbitrum STIP.

Why this is positive?

The creation of the Google Sheets link by Jerame201 is a positive development as it provides a centralized location for all submissions related to the Arbitrum STIP. This not only aids in keeping track of the submissions but also promotes transparency within the community. The fact that it has been well-received by community members like Sinkas2 further underscores its value.

Why this is negative?

There doesn't appear to be any negative aspects associated with this development. The community's reaction has been largely positive, appreciating the effort to organize and streamline the information related to the Arbitrum STIP.

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