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The Realm project team has requested a 300k ARB grant to enhance their on-chain World-Building and Exploration game, launched on Arbitrum, with mixed community reactions. While some members support the proposal due to Realm's potential for growth and innovation, others express concerns about the grant's size, a past security incident, and question the timing of incentivizing gaming on Arbitrum.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around a grant application for a project named Realm, a fully on-chain World-Building and Exploration game launched on Arbitrum in September 2021. The team behind Realm, including Jona, Laserriot, Galo, and Maxwave, is requesting a grant of 300k ARB to increase activity through Gamified ANIMA LP and scale up their loyal user base. The game offers various activities and continuous innovation, including productive assets, a fully on-chain LootBox platform, ever-evolving assets, interconnected game loops, and the integration of AI with blockchain. The grant proposal was adjusted to meet the program's requirements and was finalized for consideration.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction to the grant proposal is mixed. Some members, like Litocoen and IZUMi_Finance, expressed support for the proposal, highlighting the project's exciting roadmap, decent level of traction, and the value it brings to the gaming ecosystem. However, others, like Flindy and ITUblockchain, raised concerns about the size of the grant, considering it excessive based on core metrics and the existing impact of Realm. A past incident involving a team member's Discord account being hacked and used to post a malicious link was also brought up by Web3station, leading to a debate about the team's accountability.

Why this is positive?

The grant application for Realm is seen as a positive move by some community members due to the potential for growth and innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The game has a high user retention rate and the grant would be used to incentivize increased daily active users, retention, and economy, leading to more network activity for Arbitrum. The game's continuous innovation and the team's commitment to creating second-order effects that ripple throughout Arbitrum are also seen as positive aspects.

Why this is negative?

On the other hand, some community members expressed concerns about the size of the grant, considering it unreasonable based on core metrics and the existing impact of Realm. There were also concerns about a past incident where a team member's Discord account was hacked and used to post a malicious link, leading to members' wallets being drained. The team's alleged lack of accountability in this incident was seen as a negative aspect. Furthermore, some members, like Griff, believe that now is not the time to incentivize gaming on Arbitrum, despite being bullish on the sector in the long run.

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