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Vaultka has proposed a project to stimulate user engagement and liquidity efficiency in Perpetual Decentralized Exchanges (Perp DEX) on the Arbitrum network, requesting a 600,000 ARB grant. While some community members appreciate the innovative approach, others express concerns about the proposal's timing and the large grant request.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around a project proposed by Vaultka, aiming to serve as a catalyst for Perpetual Decentralized Exchanges (Perp DEX) on the Arbitrum network. The project's offerings include LP optimization, Index Investment, Stablecoin Lending, and Perp DEX Insights. The primary objectives are to encourage users to engage with various Perp DEX on Arbitrum and to connect lending capital to Perp DEX LPs, enhancing overall liquidity efficiency. The team has requested a grant of 600,000 ARB, with 20% allocated to promoting Perp DEX Ecosystem Growth and 80% dedicated to connecting lending capital to Perp DEX LP1. The proposal also includes a plan to reward users of Perp DEX and those who lock lending funds, thereby incentivizing participation in the Arbitrum network.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction to the proposal is mixed. Some users, like Jonezee and ApolloX, have expressed positive views on Vaultka's proposal, highlighting the innovative suggestions and the commitment to promote a more vibrant ecosystem6,8. However, others like ArbUSER and Meyaf320219 have voiced concerns about the proposal's timing and the large amount of ARB requested by Vaultka2,7. In response, Vaultka clarified their role and the direction of their grant allocation4,9. Matt_StableLab marked Vaultka's application as eligible and guided them through the remaining steps in the application process 13,14.

Why this is positive?

The project proposed by Vaultka is positive as it aims to stimulate active user engagement and foster a healthy competitive environment among Perp DEX players. This could contribute to the growth of the entire Arbitrum Perp DEX ecosystem. The project also plans to optimize capital efficiency by establishing a connection between lending capital and Perp DEX LPs on the Arbitrum network1. Vaultka's plan to launch two types of Perp DEX Index Tokens, explore alt-coin lending pools, and possibly integrate Pendle Principle Tokens into their product could diversify risk, unlock more lending capital, and provide more yield options for users.

Why this is negative?

The negative aspects of the proposal include concerns about its timing and the large amount of ARB requested by Vaultka. Some users feel that the product is too early and new on the Arbitrum system to see any value2. Others are concerned about the large amount of ARB requested by Vaultka, considering the size of the protocol and the fact that all of the Perp DEXs Vaultka works on are also requesting large amounts of ARB7. ITUblockchain, for instance, believes the budget is excessive for a project still in its early stages and voted against the proposal24.

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