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Brian Flynn, CEO of RabbitHole, has proposed a grant for the creation of the Arbitrum Quest Gateway, a platform to drive new users to Arbitrum and foster ecosystem growth. The proposal has received mixed reactions from the community, with some supporting the innovative approach and others expressing concerns about the grant size and the Quest Protocol's fee structure.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around a grant proposal submitted by Brian Flynn, the founder and CEO of RabbitHole, for his project named RabbitHole. The project involves the creation of the Arbitrum Quest Gateway, a white-label quest platform that will be hosted on RabbitHole's site and built on top of Quest Protocol. The platform will exclusively filter for Arbitrum quests with Arbitrum tokens1. The grant requested is 1M ARB, with an additional 100K ARB being provided from protocol fees generated. The grant will be used to distribute rewards to users for completing onchain quests across the Arbitrum ecosystem through Quest Protocol1. The project's primary objectives are to drive new users to Arbitrum and create sustainable ecosystem growth1.

How is the community reacting?

The community reaction to the proposal is mixed. Some members, such as Litocoen and Zeck, expressed support for the grant, highlighting the value of the Rabbithole technology as a discovery tool for users to get acquainted with Arbitrum projects2,3. However, others like Flindy and 0xGDucky expressed concerns and unfamiliarity with the person or team behind the proposal4,5. Flindy questioned the Quest Protocol's fee structure and the size of the grant, suggesting a more diverse list of projects for which quests would be deployed5. Bflynn defended the proposal, highlighting the value of RabbitHole as a discovery tool and the potential of ARB rewards to boost the effectiveness of the STIP6.

Why this is positive?

The proposal is seen as positive because it aims to drive new users to Arbitrum and create sustainable ecosystem growth. The project also plans to foster growth and innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem through the creation of Quest Protocol. The protocol aims to attract and engage users by offering tokens for specific on-chain actions, with the goal of increasing the number of new users, engaging existing ones, and re-activating dormant ones1. The proposal also received support from several community members who appreciated the clarity and specification of KPIs, as well as the inclusiveness of the incentive program18,19.

Why this is negative?

The negative aspects of the proposal revolve around concerns about the size of the grant and the Quest Protocol's fee structure. Some community members expressed concern that RabbitHole, as the quest creator, would pocket 10% of the ARB grant, which they believe should go entirely to end users5. There were also concerns about the size of the grant, with some suggesting that it should be significantly lowered given the huge demand on the STIP9. Additionally, some members questioned the choice of protocols, suggesting that a more diverse list, including more native offerings, would benefit the Arbitrum DAO more6.

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