[RFC] Reallocate unclaimed airdrop tokens for future incentives

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The community debates reallocating unclaimed ARB tokens from an airdrop to fund incentives and rewards, with mixed reactions on how to distribute them fairly and concerns over the claiming process. Next steps include refining the proposal with community feedback and potentially holding a vote to determine the tokens' allocation.

What is this about?

The community is engaged in a discussion initiated by ITUblockchain regarding the reallocation of unclaimed ARB tokens from a recent airdrop. The airdrop saw a 94% claim rate, leaving a significant quantity of tokens unclaimed. The proposal suggests various uses for these tokens, including funding incentive programs, grants, rewards for active governance participants, distribution at events, support for DAOs, rewards for airdrop claimants, and fees for Arbitrum Ambassadors. The community is considering the proposal's merits, with the specifics of implementation and timing still open for discussion.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a diverse range of reactions. Some members, including Lvbingh677, 0xdilara, and Ismailemin, are in favor of reallocating the unclaimed tokens to reward governance participation, with a particular emphasis on valuable delegates. Tervelix, however, opposes individual airdrops and advocates for incentives through DAOs. Hovanvonhovan, Yoshi420, Shreddy, and Jengajojo support the idea of future airdrops or incentives for active users, delegates, and DAOs. BigBen emphasizes the need for a fair and straightforward distribution method for community contributors.

Conversely, BAB256 and Devilz have expressed confusion regarding the claiming process and participation in voting, with BAB256 suggesting the creation of an "AAVE PAIR PAL" to assist with claims. JasonB is concerned about not finding their ARB tokens and asks about the possibility of late claims. Mhiztasolid is seeking information on how to vote and support proposals16.

Why this is positive?

  • Rewards and incentivizes active governance participation, potentially leading to a more engaged community.
  • Promotes the growth and development of the Arbitrum ecosystem through strategic incentives and grants.
  • Could enhance governance diversity by attracting a wider range of delegates with incentives.
  • Utilizes unclaimed assets in a manner that benefits the community and supports ecosystem growth.

Why this is negative?

  • Some community members are confused about the claiming process and how to participate in governance.
  • Concerns exist regarding the equitable distribution of tokens and the complexity of determining eligibility.
  • Uncertainty about the specifics of implementation and timing may lead to unease within the community.

Next actions

The community is actively discussing and providing feedback on the proposal. The forthcoming steps will likely include refining the proposal based on community input, detailing the implementation process, and possibly proceeding to a community vote to decide on the fate of the unclaimed ARB tokens.

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