Arbitrum GovMonth Week 4: Vote for your favorite projects!

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Arbitrum's GovMonth's fourth week has seen positive community engagement with activities like Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest, ThankArb incentives, Ethelo questionnaire, Snapshot voting, and more, leading to over 100k in donations and high participation rates. However, some activities like earning ARB tokens through donations and retweets have seen lower participation, and the ongoing snapshot vote could potentially cause disagreements within the community.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the fourth week of Arbitrum's GovMonth, a period filled with activities and opportunities to earn ARB tokens. The activities include donating to the Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest 3, participating in the ThankArb incentives, completing a questionnaire on Ethelo, voting on Snapshot, signing up for Push, and reposting Arbitrum's messaging. There are also events such as the bi-weekly Grants & Governance workshop and the Arbitrum x Gitcoin Grantee Shill Space. Updates and information are regularly posted on Arbitrum-related Twitter accounts.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response to these activities. Over 100k in donations have been received from more than 1,200 unique individuals for the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest. Two Twitter Spaces events were held to increase project visibility and offer insights into the Grant Funding Fest and GovMonth. The bi-weekly grants and governance workshop was well-attended, and incentives were offered for contributions on Thankarb.com. A snapshot vote is currently underway to reduce Friction and Growth and Innovation priorities, with 22,500 wallets having participated so far. The ArbitrumDAO Priorities survey led by Ethelo has received responses from 2,000 participants. Participants can earn ARB tokens by donating to the current Gitcoin round and retweeting, with 66 accounts having participated so far.

Why this is positive?

The activities and opportunities provided during the GovMonth have encouraged community participation and engagement. The Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest has received a significant amount of donations, indicating a strong interest and support from the community. The snapshot vote and the ArbitrumDAO Priorities survey have also seen a high level of participation, demonstrating the community's active involvement in decision-making processes. The incentives offered have further motivated the community to contribute and participate in the activities.

Why this is negative?

While the overall response has been positive, the number of participants in some activities, such as earning ARB tokens by donating to the current Gitcoin round and retweeting, is relatively low. This could indicate a lack of awareness or interest in these specific activities. Furthermore, the ongoing snapshot vote to reduce Friction and Growth and Innovation priorities may not align with the interests of all community members, potentially leading to disagreements or conflicts within the community.

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