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Notional Finance, a prominent Ethereum-based lending and borrowing protocol, has applied for a 500,000 ARB grant to incentivize liquidity providers and boost its growth on Arbitrum. The community has shown strong support for the proposal, believing that Notional's launch on Arbitrum will introduce a fixed rates money market, increase Notional's TVL, and strengthen the overall Arbitrum ecosystem.

What is this about?

Notional Finance, a leading fixed rate lending and borrowing protocol on Ethereum, has submitted a grant application for their project1. The project, which has recently launched a beta version on Arbitrum, aims to provide both active and passive DeFi users access to high single-sided yields through leveraged integrations with other protocols on Arbitrum1. The grant requested is 500,000 ARB, which will be used to incentivize liquidity providers on Notional and help kickstart the growth of the protocol on Arbitrum1. The primary objective of the grant is to bootstrap initial liquidity for Notional V3 on Arbitrum, with a focus on generating fixed rate liquidity for stablecoins, ETH, wBTC, and LSDs1.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown strong support for the proposal. Litocoen, Blazar, Acidhoe, IZUMi_Finance, Michigan_Blockchain, and ITUblockchain have all expressed their endorsement for the launch of Notional on Arbitrum5,7,9,13,14,15. They believe that Notional's unique product offering and dedication to the Arbitrum network will bring sustainable benefits to the ecosystem. Matt_StableLab has confirmed that Notional's application is eligible and has provided instructions for the next steps in the application process10,11.

Why this is positive?

The launch of Notional on Arbitrum is seen as a positive development as it introduces a new feature to the ecosystem - fixed rates money market5. Notional's focus on security and its track record on the mainnet have also been praised9. The community believes that the incentives provided by the grant will increase Notional's TVL and enable them to offer a better protocol for new users15. The liquidity attracted to Notional from the proposed grant would support a growing number of Arbitrum projects and strengthen the overall Arbitrum ecosystem1.

Why this is negative?

There are no negative aspects mentioned in the discussion. The community has shown strong support for the proposal and believes that the launch of Notional on Arbitrum will bring sustainable benefits to the ecosystem.

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