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The WINR Protocol team has applied for a 500,000 ARB grant to enhance their on-chain gambling and gaming infrastructure protocol and launch three gaming products. The community's response is mixed, with some supporting the potential growth and impact on Arbitrum, while others express concerns about the grant's allocation and the protocol's contribution to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the WINR Protocol team's application for a 500,000 ARB grant to further develop their infrastructure protocol for on-chain gambling and gaming. The protocol offers a smart contract game engine for developers and ensures the security of liquidity provided by investors. The team is launching three gaming products: JustBet, a decentralized casino; DegensBet, a perps-trading platform; and 0xsportsbet, a decentralized sports betting platform. The grant will be used to bootstrap WLP liquidity, for a 3-month JustBet gaming competition, and for a 3-month DegensBet trading competition. The team's objectives are to become the premier infrastructure protocol for decentralized gaming and to build a truly decentralized gaming ecosystem1.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction to the WINR Protocol's grant proposal is mixed. Some members, such as Excalibur, Permanent, Meyaf320219, Grandma, Trungn1993, DoomedCapital, Gmx_intern, MotusCM, and Cyber, have expressed support for the protocol's execution, growth, and potential impact on Arbitrum, and highlighted its potential to attract new users2,3,4,9,10,12,13,14,23,24. However, others like Khown, 0xGDucky, and Perl have raised concerns about WINR's claims of meeting the requirements and the allocation of grants to non-live products5,11,22.

Why this is positive?

The WINR Protocol's grant proposal is positive as it aims to develop a decentralized gaming ecosystem and attract new users to Arbitrum. The team has a clear execution strategy and has outlined their plans to use the grant to bootstrap both sides of its protocol. They have also set clear KPIs for the project and have a detailed roadmap for future developments. The protocol has been audited by Paladin and WatchPug, ensuring its security and reliability1. The active participation and constructive feedback from the community, as well as the potential for future collaboration, are also positive signs37.

Why this is negative?

The negative aspect of this discussion is the skepticism about WINR's claims of meeting the requirements for the grant and the allocation of grants to non-live products. Some members are concerned about the potential misuse of grant funds, as clarified by Matt_StableLab17, and the lack of contribution by WINR to the Arbitrum ecosystem, as stated by 0xGDucky11. Additionally, CastleCapital raised concerns about the lack of detailed success metrics in the proposal31, and ITUblockchain questioned the necessity of the requested 200,000 ARB for WLD liquidity40. These concerns highlight the need for more clarity and justification in the proposal.

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