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D2.finance, previously Dsquared.Finance, has submitted a grant application for 500,000 ARB to boost their Options-based DeFi Vaults on Arbitrum and increase liquidity. The community reaction is mixed, with some supporting the potential benefits to the Arbitrum ecosystem and others expressing skepticism about D2 Finance's unique features, Dsquared Finance's track record, and the feasibility of the project.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around a grant application submitted by D2.finance, a project that provides actively traded Options-based DeFi Vaults on Arbitrum. The project, formerly known as Dsquared.Finance, is requesting a grant of 500,000 ARB to kickstart the vaults and increase liquidity to the GMX/DSQ trading pair on Camelot. The project's KPIs include the total value locked (TVL) in the vaults, the number of users, fees generated, and partnerships with other Arbitrum DeFi projects. The proposal is now up for a snapshot vote1,9,10,11,12,21.

How is the community reacting?

The community reaction is mixed. Some members, such as Mugiboy, Toastiboy, MrMahogani, Cyber, and Kris.galahad, support the proposal, citing the potential benefits to the Arbitrum ecosystem and the team's transparency and community-orientation3,6,9,15,23. However, others, including 0xGDucky, Arblegend, CastleCapital, and ITUblockchain, express skepticism, citing concerns about D2 Finance's unique features, Dsquared Finance's track record, low user activity, the absence of live vaults, and the project's readiness for the requested grant7,8,14,20,27,33.

Why this is positive?

The grant application for D2.finance could foster growth within Arbitrum, attracting liquidity into the actively managed trading vaults and showing growth for ART, their sister protocol. The project's numerous audited integrations and partnerships could contribute to its unique position in the ecosystem and potentially magnify the impact of the grant. The team's resolution of an internal dispute shows their dedication to the project1,9,15.

Why this is negative?

Concerns have been raised about Dsquared Finance's track record and history, including a pause in the project due to a dispute among the founders and treasury outflows exceeding 380k. Additionally, some community members question the unique features of D2 Finance and its clear contributions to the Arbitrum ecosystem. There are also questions about the feasibility of trading vaults with 10 million in a market with no on-chain volume and volatility7,8,14,20,27.

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