Jerome - Candidate for Security Council Election Sep 2023

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Jerome, with a strong background in blockchain and software security, is running for the Arbitrum Security Council elections. His extensive experience, understanding of Layer 2, commitment to uphold the Arbitrum DAO Constitution, and proactive engagement make his candidacy positive, with no negative aspects mentioned.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the candidacy of Jerome for the Arbitrum Security Council elections. With a rich background in the blockchain and software security sectors, Jerome has announced his intention to run for a position on the council. His experience includes leading the development of hardware and mobile wallets with Mycelium and founding Jita Digital, a company that offers security audits and product development services to blockchain startups. He has also worked with several notable companies in the blockchain industry, including Nexus Mutual, Safello, Zen Protocol, Minima, Ref.Finance, Texture Capital, and Qredo. Prior to his work in blockchain, he obtained a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at EPFL, Switzerland, and worked at Marvell Semiconductor1.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction to Jerome's candidacy is not explicitly mentioned in the summaries. However, Sahijeevan has highlighted the importance of the forum for separate discussions and its benefits for the Arbitrum Ecosystem2.

Why this is positive?

Jerome's candidacy is positive due to his extensive experience and knowledge in the blockchain and software security sectors. His understanding of Layer 2 as a critical component of the blockchain ecosystem for enabling mass adoption and ease of use, as well as the importance of proper key management, are valuable insights. His commitment to uphold the Constitution of the Arbitrum DAO, be available and contactable in case of emergencies, engage proactively with other council members, and maintain operational security, further strengthens his candidacy1.

Why this is negative?

There are no negative aspects mentioned in the summaries regarding Jerome's candidacy for the Arbitrum Security Council elections.

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