Arbitrum Oddyssey Season -2

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The Arbitrum Odyssey event, a 7-week journey through the Arbitrum ecosystem, is returning on September 26th, 2023, featuring custom badges for mission completion and a revamped Arbitrum Portal. The community is eagerly anticipating the event, which promotes engagement and growth in the ecosystem, with the Hop Protocol announced as the winning bridge protocol from Bridge Week.

What is this about?

The Arbitrum Odyssey event, a 7-week adventure through the Arbitrum ecosystem, is set to return on September 26th, 2023. This event, in collaboration with Galxe, will feature custom badges designed by Ratwell and frens, which participants can earn by completing various missions. The Hop Protocol was announced as the winning bridge protocol from Bridge Week. The Arbitrum Portal has been completely revamped and is now available for exploration. The event will not feature airdrops, instead focusing on the excitement of earning badges. For any queries, participants can refer to the FAQ section or join the discussion at the Odyssey channel.

How is the community reacting?

Community members, including Sahijeevan, Traderjoe, and BRA, have expressed their anticipation for the event. Sahijeevan encouraged community members to provide feedback and play an active role in building the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

Why this is positive?

The return of the Arbitrum Odyssey event is a positive development as it encourages community participation and engagement. The event's focus on earning badges rather than airdrops fosters a sense of achievement and excitement among participants. The announcement of the Hop Protocol as the winning bridge protocol from Bridge Week and the launch of the revamped Arbitrum Portal are also positive updates that contribute to the growth and development of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Why this is negative?

There are no negative aspects highlighted in the discussion. However, it's important to note that the success of the event and the community's reaction to the new updates will depend on their execution and reception.

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