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The Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program has passed a preliminary vote, with two tracks proposed: one for the Arbitrum DAO to vote on the final proposal, and another for projects to submit proposals for funding. The community has shown positive reactions, but the future of the program and a new forum category for project proposals depends on the final on-chain governance vote.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program, which has recently passed a preliminary vote, also known as a temperature check, on Snapshot. The proposal is divided into two tracks. The first track involves the Arbitrum DAO voting on the final proposal through on-chain governance. The second track allows projects to submit proposals to receive a portion of the funds for their incentive program. To facilitate the second track, a new forum category has been created where projects can submit their proposals.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive reaction to the proposal, as evidenced by the successful passing of the preliminary vote. The creation of a new forum category for project proposals indicates active participation and interest from the community members. However, it's important to note that the future of this new category is contingent on the Incentive Program passing in the on-chain governance vote.

Why this is positive?

The successful preliminary vote and the active participation of the community in submitting proposals are positive signs. The Incentive Program could potentially foster innovation and growth within the community by providing funds to promising projects. The two-track proposal also ensures a democratic process, allowing the community to have a say in the final decision.

Why this is negative?

The only potential negative aspect is the uncertainty surrounding the final on-chain governance vote. If the Incentive Program fails to pass, the newly created forum category for project proposals will be removed. This could potentially discourage some community members who have shown interest and invested time in preparing their proposals.

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