Arbitrum GovMonth Week 2: Your Opinion Matters!

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The Arbitrum DAO has launched a series of challenges and grant opportunities, with total rewards of 141,000 ARB, and has seen strong community engagement with significant growth in social media presence and participation in activities. However, there's a noted lack of applications for the "developer tooling on Nova" domain, indicating potential limitations in this area's development.

What is this about?

The Arbitrum DAO has announced a series of challenges and grant-related opportunities for the week. These include voting for favorite JokeRace submissions, Ethelo, Push Protocol, and voting on snapshot for the Questbook Domain Allocators. The total rewards for these challenges amount to 141,000 ARB. The challenges will be listed on thankarb.com and updated every Tuesday. The week's activities also include a bi-weekly delegates workshop meeting, a QuestBook domain allocator vote, a TwitterSpace hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO, and a GitCoin kick-off hosted by the Arbitrum Foundation1. The Arbitrum Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest has also been launched, with 39 grant submissions received so far3.

How is the community reacting?

The community's engagement has been strong, with Shawn16400 reporting significant growth in the ArbitrumGrants social media presence and the community's engagement in the first week of #GovMonth. The kick-off tweet received over 127K impressions and 19,000 retweets, and the ArbitrumGrants account now has nearly 7000 followers. Arbitrum also has the third largest PushProtocol subscriber base with 13000 subscribers3. The community's engagement was further highlighted with the following statistics: 6717 allow-list linked accounts retweeted the kick-off announcement, 10519 accounts from the allow-list signed up for Push, 5921 accounts from the allow-list voted in all 4 Domain Allocator Shapshot polls, and 17764 submissions from the allow-list came into JokeRace3.

Why this is positive?

The community's strong engagement is a positive sign of the interest and active participation in the Arbitrum DAO's activities. The high number of retweets, sign-ups, votes, and submissions indicate a vibrant and active community. The humorous and diverse range of entries in the JokeRace also adds a fun and engaging element to the community's activities3.

Why this is negative?

While the overall engagement is positive, there is a noted shortage of applications for the "developer tooling on Nova" domain. This could indicate a lack of interest or expertise in this area within the community, which could potentially limit the development and growth of this domain3.

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