Proposal on Hackathon development for Venezuela

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Venehsoftw has proposed a non-constitutional Hackathon for Venezuelan developers, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and platforms like Arbitrum, Chainlink, The Graph, and Lens. While the event offers significant opportunities for technical collaboration and Ethereum ecosystem development, uncertainties around the overall cost and securing sufficient funding pose potential challenges.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around a proposal by Venehsoftw for a non-constitutional Hackathon aimed at developers in Venezuela1. The proposal is motivated by the current situation in Venezuela, the significant number of Ethereum blockchain enthusiasts in the country, and the potential support from the Arbitrum Blockchain Platform's technical-commercial relationships with other actors like Chainlink, The Graph, Lens, and Ethereum1. The proposed platforms for the Hackathon include Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Chainlink, The Graph, Lens, and other platforms like Oracles. The proposal also highlights the need for sponsors and a platform for Hackathon publication, such as Taikai1.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction to this proposal is not explicitly mentioned in the summaries provided. However, the detailed implementation timeline suggests that there is a level of anticipation and planning involved. The timeline starts with the development of event documentation, outreach to potential stakeholders, and analysis of participation conditions on 15/09/20231. Subsequent steps include location and venue selection, survey execution, analysis of survey results, and service requirement analysis1. The competition is proposed to start on 27/11/2023, with the physical event taking place from 02-04/11/2023, and the results and prize awarding scheduled for 10/11/20231.

Why this is positive?

The proposal for a Hackathon in Venezuela is a positive development as it provides an opportunity for Ethereum blockchain enthusiasts in the country to showcase their skills and potentially contribute to the development of the Ethereum ecosystem. The involvement of platforms like Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Chainlink, The Graph, Lens, and Oracles also indicates a potential for significant technical and commercial collaborations1.

Why this is negative?

The only potential negative aspect mentioned in the summaries is the uncertainty regarding the overall cost of the event, which is yet to be estimated1. This could potentially pose challenges in terms of securing sufficient funding and sponsors for the Hackathon.

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