Introducing Arbitrum #GovMonth: September 04-29

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The Arbitrum DAO has initiated Arbitrum #GovMonth to boost governance participation among $ARB holders, offering over 200k $ARB in rewards and using community feedback to shape strategic priorities. The community has responded positively, appreciating the unique approach to governance incentivization, though concerns have been raised about the current meeting schedule's flexibility.

What is this about?

The Arbitrum DAO has launched an initiative called Arbitrum #GovMonth, aimed at encouraging governance participation among $ARB holders. The event will offer over 200k $ARB in rewards, with a significant portion allocated to builders using the Gitcoin Grants platform. The initiative is designed to gather community input on a range of topics, including DAO Native Vision Mission & Values, Strategic Priorities for Grant Program Funding, and Hot Topics such as Liquidity Incentives, Delegate Pay, Licensing, & Conflicts of Interest. The community's feedback will be used to shape a vision & mission statement, prioritize funding strategies, set spending boundaries, and build pipelines of ideas and information.

How is the community reacting?

The community has responded positively to the initiative. Users like Lindsey and Jaf have expressed excitement about the use of group-decision making platforms and the focus areas. The community is also looking forward to the upcoming #GovMonth, with thanks extended to Shawn16400 and PL for their work. There have been suggestions to consider different time zones or asynchronous contribution methods for meetings, as the current Tuesday meeting schedule conflicts with other commitments. The community also expressed interest in making governance processes clear for the LATAM community.

Why this is positive?

The initiative is seen as a positive step towards encouraging community participation in governance. The strategy for governance incentivization is seen as a departure from what other L2s have been doing, which is appreciated by the community. There is also a proposal to incentivize Gov participation, which is seen as beneficial for the web3 ecosystem. ThinkDecade suggests adding an element of fun to the process, to avoid it becoming overly serious.

Why this is negative?

There are no significant negative points raised in the discussion. However, there is a concern about the current Tuesday meeting schedule, which conflicts with other commitments, suggesting a need for more flexible scheduling or asynchronous contribution methods.

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