Proposal: Fund Arbitrum Odyssey 2.0 Airdrop

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The proposal for a one-time $ARB grant to fund the Arbitrum Odyssey 2.0, an initiative aimed at boosting engagement in the Arbitrum ecosystem, has been generally well-received, despite some concerns about the specifics of the proposal, such as the NFT Badge threshold and the proposed funding amount. The initiative, which includes an $ARB airdrop and requires users to secure at least 11/12 NFT Badges, could attract new users, increase chain activity, and potentially be repeated to showcase new protocols and maintain active involvement within the ecosystem.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the proposal of a one-time $ARB grant to fund the Arbitrum Odyssey 2.0, an ecosystem initiative led by a coalition of various Arbitrum DeFi protocols. The initiative, proposed by 0xAC, aims to stimulate engagement throughout the Arbitrum ecosystem by endorsing an $ARB airdrop, which could dramatically increase user engagement in the Odyssey 2.01. The Odyssey 2.0 is a collaborative initiative designed to attract new users and mobilize the existing user base within the Arbitrum ecosystem, thereby increasing chain activity1.

The proposal also seeks an $ARB grant of 900K $ARB tokens to amplify engagement further1. Eligibility for the $ARB airdrop requires users to secure at least 11/12 NFT Badges, which are minted upon completion of quest campaigns1. The $ARB grant will be distributed with the rest of the committed rewards to users who have collected at least 90% of the Odyssey 2.0 NFT Badges1.

How is the community reacting?

The community reaction to the proposal is generally positive, with users like 0xNSE and Krst expressing support for the initiative3,5. However, there are also concerns and questions raised by users such as Db_DefiEdge, Axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth, and Michigan_Blockchain regarding the specifics of the proposal, including the significance of the NFT Badge threshold, the participation of certain protocols, and the proposed funding amount2,7,9.

Why this is positive?

The proposal is seen as a positive move as it aims to stimulate engagement and activity within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The Odyssey 2.0 initiative could attract new users, mobilize the existing user base, and increase chain activity1. The proposed $ARB airdrop could also dramatically increase user engagement in the Odyssey 2.01. If successful, the Odyssey 2.0 could be repeated, showcasing new, innovative protocols to the community and encouraging both developers and users to maintain their active involvement within the Arbitrum ecosystem1.

Why this is negative?

Some community members have raised concerns about the specifics of the proposal. Db_DefiEdge questioned the significance of securing 11/12 NFT Badges for eligibility in the $ARB airdrop2. Axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth expressed concerns about the participation of Alchemix, which currently has no vaults available in Arbitrum, and the proposed $900K funding, which they believe is low given the number of protocols and their size7. Michigan_Blockchain suggested re-running or extending the program, possibly with a larger grant to encourage more participation9. They also proposed reducing the requirement of collecting 11/12 badges to 66% or 8/12 to encourage wider participation10.

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