Arbitrum Domain Round Launched on Gitcoin Grants!

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The Arbitrum Domain Round, a unique experiment allowing the community to decide the allocation of a $100k DAI funding pool across selected domains, has been initiated on Gitcoin Grants. Despite the largely positive response, there could be potential negatives if community members lack clarity or understanding about the process.

What is this about?

The Arbitrum Domain Round has been initiated on Gitcoin Grants, with an allocation of $100k DAI to four (+1) future funding pools. These pools, corresponding to Questbook domains, will include the initial $100k DAI and any direct donations. The grants sourced from these pools could potentially "graduate" to Questbook. The round is a unique experiment where the "grants" represent the future matching pools of the next funding round, allowing the Arbitrum community to decide how to allocate the funding pool between the selected domains or signal interest to another TBD domain. The domains for the funding pools include Gaming, Developer tooling on Nova, New protocol idea, Education, community growth & events, and an Open pool. These domains were approved by Arbitrum voters in the ratification of Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook proposal1.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response to the Arbitrum Domain Round. Kingsteve expressed excitement for the update and announced an invitation to join a Twitter space hosted by Arbitrumdaonews to learn more about the topic2. The Twitter space was hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO with special guests Saurabh, DisruptionJoe, ZER8, and Web3beach.eth3. Both Kingsteve and Lindsey expressed their satisfaction with the Twitter space4,5. DisruptionJoe announced the launch of a $100k decentralized domain allocation model and encouraged followers to follow ArbitrumGrants on Twitter and donate/vote in the round6. ZER8 reminded the community that there's only one day left to vote in the Arbitrum Domain Round and encouraged everyone to participate8.

Why this is positive?

The Arbitrum Domain Round is a positive initiative as it allows the community to decide how to allocate the funding pool between the selected domains. This democratic approach encourages community participation and ensures that the funds are allocated according to the community's interests. The round also represents a unique experiment in the way grants are handled, potentially paving the way for future innovative funding models.

Why this is negative?

While the initiative is largely positive, it could potentially be seen as negative if there is a lack of clarity or understanding about the process among community members. The unique nature of the experiment might require additional explanation and guidance to ensure all community members understand how to participate and what the implications of their participation are.

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