Use Sablier for the Arbitrum Foundation's Grants Program

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The Arbitrum Foundation is considering using Sablier, a token streaming protocol, for its grants program. The community has shown positive reactions, highlighting Sablier's potential to solve traditional payroll and token vesting issues, enhance transparency, and prevent market manipulation by large token holders.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the proposal by Maxdesalle to use Sablier, a token streaming protocol, for the Arbitrum Foundation's grants program1. Sablier allows for the streaming of money every second, similar to how one would stream a movie or song. It aims to solve problems associated with traditional payroll and token vesting, such as manual payments over a long period, issues with traditional grant approaches, and lack of transparency in discrete payments1. The protocol has been supported by MakerDAO and is used by teams like Shapeshift, Nouns DAO, Astaria, and Reflexer for token vesting and payroll purposes1.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive reaction towards the proposal. Stonecoldpat moved the discussion to the Grants Discussion forum, suggesting that Sablier might be relevant for more than just the Arbitrum Foundation’s grant program2. TaeKwonKrypto and Igoryuzo expressed support for Sablier, with TaeKwonKrypto stating that Sablier is the original in token streaming and should be chain agnostic5, and Igoryuzo mentioning that Sablier could add value and allow for more efficient distribution of Arb grants6. Eldari echoed Igoryuzo's sentiments, stating that Sablier could contribute value by enabling a more effective distribution of Arb grants7. Mainbrain expressed confidence in Sablier, the original creator of the token streaming service, and supported its use for vesting in a grants program11.

Why this is positive?

The use of Sablier for the Arbitrum Foundation's grants program is seen as a positive move as it solves key problems associated with traditional payroll and token vesting. It enhances transparency, reduces the risk of grantees abandoning the mission after receiving a part or the whole grant, and allows anyone to monitor the status of a stream and all associated transactions1. It also prevents market manipulation by large token holders, as highlighted by EBaykc12.

Why this is negative?

There doesn't seem to be any significant negative feedback from the community regarding the use of Sablier for the Arbitrum Foundation's grants program. However, Prberg suggested that Lindsey create a separate proposal to market Hedgey, another token streaming solution, as the current discussion was specifically about Sablier4. This indicates that there might be other potential solutions that could be considered for the grants program.

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