[RFC-0] Comprehensive Proposal for Modifications in ArbitrumDAO's Governance Infrastructure

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Cattin proposed modifications to ArbitrumDAO's governance infrastructure, including three RFC Proposals aimed at scaling and securing Arbitrum's success. While the community responded positively, concerns were raised about ratifying the first proposal into "law", suggesting a preference for flexibility and adaptability in the governance process.

What is this about?

This discussion revolves around the proposed modifications to the governance infrastructure of ArbitrumDAO by Cattin1. The proposal includes three Request for Comments (RFC) Proposals: ArbitrumDAO Governance Cycle (RFC-1), Delegate Incentive System for ArbitrumDAO (RFC-2), and Introduction of a new role in governance - Governance Facilitator (RFC-3)1. The aim is to establish a solid foundation for the DAO to scale and secure Arbitrum's success.

How is the community reacting?

The community has shown a positive response to the proposals. DisruptionJoe, in particular, has expressed interest in helping to move the proposals forward2. He agreed with the first proposal, RFC-1, but suggested establishing it as a norm after getting proper feedback instead of ratifying it into "law"2. For the second proposal, RFC-2, he referenced a post from Frisson that he believed encapsulated the idea well2. For the third proposal, RFC-3, he suggested Shawn16400 for the role of Governance Facilitator, citing his previous experience with Gitcoin2.

Why this is positive?

The proposals are seen as a positive step towards improving the governance of ArbitrumDAO. They aim to define clear working times, implement a clear incentive system for delegates, and introduce a new role to ensure operational efficiency and transparency1. The community's positive response and willingness to contribute to the proposals' development further highlight their potential benefits.

Why this is negative?

While the proposals are generally well-received, there are concerns about ratifying the first proposal, RFC-1, into "law". DisruptionJoe suggested that it should be established as a norm after getting proper feedback2. This indicates that while the community is open to changes, they also value flexibility and adaptability in the governance process.

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