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OpenBlock Labs STIP Data Reporting Update

OpenBlock Labs has improved the Arbitrum STIP initiative's data dashboard with new features like custom metrics and fund tracking, showing a rise in TVL and volumes but a drop in DAUs; they seek commu...

Premia Bi-Weekly Update: 2023-12-01

The Premia Bi-Weekly Update highlights the successful implementation of the STIP Proposal, with increased TVL and user engagement, and outlines upcoming incentives like ARB distribution, weekly quests...

Jones DAO Bi-Weekly STIP Updates

The Jones DAO is regularly updating on ARB token distribution and utilization, showing positive growth in TVL and user activity with their incentivized vault strategies, but faces community concerns o...

Frax Finance Bi-Weekly Update (Dec 1, 2023)

Frax Finance's bi-weekly update highlights their unused 214,286 ARB tokens, a transparent incentive distribution method via the Incentivizer AMO, and robust ecosystem activity; they plan to allocate m...

[KyberSwap] Bi-Weekly Updates

KyberSwap Elastic suffered a $48.8 million exploit, prompting collaboration with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to recover funds, while discussions with the Arbitrum Foundation about STIP g...

Trader Joe STIP Program Update #2 (Dec. 01, 2023)

Trader Joe's STIP Program Update #2 outlines the progress of their incentivization plan, detailing ARB token distribution, performance metrics, and changes for Phase 2, including a new JOE-ETH Auto-Po...

Galxe Bi-Weekly Update (12/01/2023)

Galxe has completed the distribution of 142,856 ARB tokens, with 119,886 ARB already used as incentives and the rest allocated for future incentivization within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Users can claim...

Timeswap STIP Program Updates [Dec 1, 2023)

The Timeswap STIP Program's recent update shows efficient use of ARB tokens for incentives in the ecosystem, with clear future plans and positive bi-weekly performance statistics, suggesting a well-re...

[Good Entry] Bi-Weekly Update [1 December 2023]

The bi-weekly update reveals that ARB tokens remain unclaimed for TVL incentives, an audit for Degen Mode by Veridise is completed early, and 200,000 ARB will be used to support Degen Mode's growth. A...

Balancer STIP Program Updates

The Balancer STIP Program Updates aim to boost the Total Value Locked (TVL) and trading volume on the Arbitrum network by adjusting ARB incentive distributions, with the community positively engaging ...

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