Gauntlet Analytics Dashboard for the Aave Community

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Gauntlet has introduced a new dashboard to the Aave community, currently in Beta, that provides in-depth market insights and trends to influence parameter recommendations. The dashboard, divided into four sections (Composition, Usage, Collateral; Asset Metrics; User Concentration; Liquidations and Repayment), uses data from the past three months to assess recommendations and aims to enhance understanding of market trends and asset performance for informed decision-making.

The Aave community has been introduced to a new dashboard by Gauntlet, currently in its Beta phase, as announced by Pauljlei. This tool aims to provide deeper market insights and trends that influence Gauntlet's parameter recommendations. The dashboard utilizes data from the past three months, such as account balances, price, asset correlations, and liquidity, to assess these recommendations based on their simulation outputs.

The dashboard is divided into four main sections. The first section, Composition, Usage, Collateral, focuses on protocol user activity over time to identify trends. The second section, Asset Metrics, evaluates asset performance and identifies those that are over or underperforming the market. The third section, User Concentration, uncovers assets with outsized concentration risk, which could potentially lead to a liquidity crunch for the protocol. The final section, Liquidations and Repayment, visualizes liquidator behavior.

Pauljlei has encouraged feedback on the new dashboard and has provided contact information for users to share their thoughts1. This new tool is expected to enhance the community's understanding of market trends and asset performance, thereby aiding in more informed decision-making.

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