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Bgdlabs has released aave-tenderly-cli, a command-line-interface (CLI) tool that automates the creation of forks and simulation of proposal execution on the Aave platform. The tool, built on the Tenderly API and RPC features, allows for various network forks and proposal executions, and includes a guide for usage and customization, with Bgdlabs encouraging community contributions for new use cases.

The community has seen the release of a new tool, aave-tenderly-cli, by Bgdlabs. This command-line-interface (CLI) utility is designed to automate the process of creating forks and simulating proposal execution tenderly on the decentralized Aave user interface1. The tool is built on the Tenderly API and RPC features, chosen for their state_diff feature, easily shareable simulation reports, and publicly available forks1. It allows for the creation of simple forks of various networks and the execution of proposals in various states of the creation process1.

To use the tool, it needs to be installed either to a specific project or globally1. The CLI will automatically source .env from the current folder for fetching tenderly setting, or the environment can be set manually1. The tool also includes a CLI option for power users1. It can simulate already proposed proposals that are still within the governance process1. It can also create a fork with an already deployed proposal payload executed1. For payloads targeting layer 2, the ACLManager needs to be specified1.

Bgdlabs provided a guide on how to create a fork for UI experimentation without executing a proposal using the command aave-tenderly-cli --keepAlive --networkId 1. They also highlighted that there are other commands and settings for more complex use-cases, such as forking a specific block, reusing an existing fork, or changing the networkId used by the fork. Users can use --help to see all available settings. Bgdlabs encouraged the community to create issues or PRs on the tool's GitHub page for new use cases, as they plan to keep updating the tool1. This tool is a significant step towards automating and simplifying the process of creating forks and executing proposals on the Aave platform.

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