How to deposit and redeem AAVE V3 in Solidity (Goerli)?

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User Alexbakers faced issues with adding deposit and withdrawal functionality in Aave V3 and had difficulties with the LINK token and acquiring test tokens for Goerli. Sirsoth provided guidance on obtaining test tokens, recommended community engagement for further queries, and advised caution against online threats.

The discussion primarily revolves around user Alexbakers' struggle with adding a deposit and withdrawal functionality in the third version of Aave. They shared their code, which unfortunately was not functioning as expected, and sought a working example of the code for reference1,2.

In the course of their development work, Alexbakers encountered an issue with the LINK token and expressed difficulty in progressing further. They also raised queries about the Faucet for Polygon Mainnet and the process to acquire test tokens for Goerli3,4.

In response, Sirsoth provided a detailed guide on how to obtain test tokens for Goerli. According to them, this can be achieved by navigating to the Aave interface, enabling test mode, and proceeding to the V3 Gorli market. They also pointed out that the Faucet link is conveniently located in the header5.

For further development-related inquiries, Sirsoth recommended engaging with ecosystem developers in the Aave Community on Discord. They also advised Alexbakers to disable Direct Messages in their privacy settings to ward off potential scammers and spammers5. This advice was well-received by Alexbakers, who expressed their gratitude6.

In conclusion, the discussion provided valuable insights into the challenges faced while integrating functionalities in Aave V3 and offered practical solutions to overcome them. It also highlighted the importance of community engagement and the need for caution against potential online threats.

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