August 2022 Financial Report

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In August 2022, Llamaxyz reported on the ETH Reserve's performance on the v2 Ethereum market, with a revenue of $171K for the DAO and a projected September revenue of around $540K. Additionally, a comprehensive set of metrics for monitoring the Aave ecosystem's performance was announced, and a proposal to unlock all Harmony assets was made by user P5555A, though it lacks details and is still under discussion.

In August 2022, Llamaxyz presented the financial report, highlighting the performance of the ETH Reserve on the v2 Ethereum market. As of 7th September, the ETH Reserve has generated a revenue of $171K for the DAO. The projections for September indicate a potential revenue of around $540K from the ETH Reserve, marking a significant increase from the previous months of July and August, which saw revenues of $84.8k and $265.1k respectively1.

In addition to the financial report, Llamaxyz announced the development of a comprehensive set of metrics to monitor the performance of the Aave ecosystem. This follows the creation of the Data Warehouse for financial reporting. The community was encouraged to suggest any financial metric they would like to see developed, fostering a collaborative approach to the ecosystem's growth and development1.

In a separate discussion, user P5555A proposed unlocking all Harmony assets. However, the suggestion lacked further context or details, leaving the community to speculate on the potential implications and benefits of such a move2. The topic remains open for further discussion and exploration.

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