ARC: Proposal of restoring Aave

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The community discussed and supported solutions for users mistakenly sending tokens to the contract instead of the migrator, including restoring misplaced tokens and implementing an automatic rectification system. Additional suggestions included adding a bounce function to the AAVE contract to prevent future errors and enhance user experience.

The discussion primarily revolved around the issue of users mistakenly sending their tokens directly to the contract instead of the migrator. EzR3aL proposed a solution to restore these tokens, acknowledging that it was an error1. This proposal was met with widespread support from other community members, including Blackmagic96, Crodders, A_J, and Mumu 2,3,4.

A_J further expressed the need for a permanent solution that could automatically rectify such mistakes in the future2. In a similar vein, Mumu proposed an additional measure to rescue tokens from the old LEND contract and suggested adding a bounce function to the AAVE contract5.

In conclusion, the community seems to be in favor of implementing measures to prevent and rectify token misplacement errors. The proposed solutions include restoring misplaced tokens, developing an automatic rectification system, and adding a bounce function to the AAVE contract. The discussion indicates a strong consensus on the need for these improvements to enhance user experience and prevent future errors.

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