RFC attempt for Feature Request: Safety module Improvement

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Cagince proposed a feature for the Aave platform to allow users to select which tokens to insure based on risk appetite, with a reward system based on each coin's risk factors. The proposal, which aims to increase the ETH health factor and use sufficiently covered assets as collateral, received positive feedback and is actively being considered for future updates, despite adding complexity to the system.

The discussion primarily revolved around a feature request proposed by Cagince for the Aave platform. The proposal suggested an additional step in the staking process, allowing users to select which tokens they'd like to insure, based on their risk appetite and preference for certain coins. The proposal also included a reward distribution system based on the risk factors of each coin, potentially benefiting WBTC and ETH stakers. The idea was to increase the ETH health factor on the platform and use assets with enough cover as collateral. However, Cagince acknowledged that this would add complexity to the system and raised a task for the engineering team to implement this without increasing the gas required per interaction1.

The proposal received positive feedback from other users. Jose_delphi mentioned that Delphi has been working on a similar proposal and would soon post it for discussion2. Dux agreed with Cagince's concern over certain assets, particularly USDT, due to its potential risk and ongoing investigation by NYAG3. Zer0dot also agreed with Cagince's point, but reminded that tokenholders are responsible for setting adequate risk parameters and should consider idiosyncratic risks4.

The discussion concluded with Jose_delphi posting their full proposal, which incorporated many of the concepts Cagince touched on, and inviting them to share their thoughts5. This suggests that the community is actively considering and working on the proposed changes, indicating a potential future update to the Aave platform's staking process.

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