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Users J83285 and Prosperous reported issues with wallet connectivity to an app, with potential workarounds suggested including the use of Aave Classic or Defisaver. However, some users like Vineetpatel still encountered problems, indicating a need for further investigation and solutions.

The discussion began with J83285 and Prosperous reporting issues with connecting their wallets to an app, with the 'connect wallet' button and other features being unresponsive1,2. A potential workaround was suggested by Sugna, who recommended using Aave Classic, which had worked for them3.

Further into the discussion, J83285 expanded on this, suggesting the use of Aave Classic, Defisaver, or any other tool besides ispf. They explained that these alternatives would still function even if the user API was down. They also highlighted that users would receive the same amounts on the Ethereum fork if they had anything on Aave or Ethereum, as it is a state-ready fork4.

Despite these suggestions, Vineetpatel encountered issues when trying to connect their wallet using They reported a continuous flashing of four dots after a pop-up stating they were connected, an issue that persisted across various browsers5.

In conclusion, while some users found workarounds to the initial wallet connection issue, others continued to experience problems. The discussion highlighted the need for further investigation and potential solutions to these persistent issues.

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