Liquidity Index Compounding

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The discussion focused on Gidon's concern about the liquidy index not using compound interest between updates unlike the borrow index, potentially leading to a slight loss of funds. The community emphasized the need to understand these indices better and investigate the potential implications of the current system.

The discussion primarily revolved around the issue raised by Gidon regarding the liquidy index not utilizing compound interest between updates, in contrast to the borrow index. This concern was rooted in the belief that this discrepancy could potentially lead to a slight excess of funds being lost1.

The community engaged in a thorough analysis of this issue, with several members contributing their insights and perspectives. The topic sparked a lively debate, with various viewpoints being presented and scrutinized.

In conclusion, the discussion underscored the importance of understanding the intricacies of the liquidy and borrow indices. It also highlighted the need for further investigation into the potential implications of the current system, particularly in relation to the potential loss of funds. The community is expected to continue exploring this issue in future discussions.

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