Aave Discord server (censorship?)

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User P5555A faced issues locating Aave on their Discord server list and suspected accidental removal, possibly due to their criticism of Aave's handling of a bridge hack incident. This sparked a discussion about potential censorship within the Aave community and their response to security incidents.

The discussion primarily revolved around user P5555A's issues with the Aave community on Discord. Initially, P5555A reported an issue where they were unable to locate Aave on their Discord server list, suspecting that they might have been accidentally removed and sought help to rectify this1.

The conversation took a turn when P5555A shared a quote from a user named Nicholas from the Harmony Community Forum. Nicholas criticized Aave's handling of a bridge hack incident, accusing them of relying on a faulty price oracle and responding slowly to the incident. He also claimed that Aave was attempting to shift the blame onto Harmony. P5555A speculated that their removal from the Aave Discord server might be a result of sharing this criticism and expressed concerns about potential censorship or deletion of their posts2.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted potential issues of censorship within the Aave community, as well as criticism of Aave's handling of a recent security incident. The outcome of P5555A's removal from the Discord server remains unresolved.

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